36 Pack of 2.8 mm Assorted Colored Lead Refills

36 Colored Refills in 6 Different Colors

36 REFILLS: This premium set of 36 2.8 mm refills is available with 6 unique colors. Those colors are red, yellow, green, blue, white, and graphite. Each lead refill is 120 mm in length.
LEAD FEATURES: Our unique formula allows for use on most dry or wet surfaces of wood, steel, stainless, glass and more. With so many color options these are suitable for most surface colors and lighting conditions.
USES: Each lead refill is designed to survive the everyday rigors of outdoor, indoor, shop, construction, glass, carpentry, and machine work. These are generally not used for artwork coloring due to their waxiness but they can be used depending on your project and goals.
COMPATIBILITY: Our refills are compatible with the June Gold 2.8 mm deep reach pencil. They are also compatible with many other long nib, long nose pencils such as Markal, Pica-Dry, and Dixon.
STORAGE: Your refills are included in a sturdy plastic case to help survive harsher conditions at the workplace.
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