2.8 mm Deep Reach Pencil and 36 Lead Refills

36 Colored Refills in 6 Different Colors

MECHANICAL PENCIL: This 2.8 mm deep reach pencil is pre-filled with 1 of our 2.8 mm graphite lead refills. With a shaft depth of 40 mm and a width of 6 mm you will reach narrow and tight areas with ease. Additional lead is advanced by a rear click.
PENCIL EXTRAS: Each pencil includes a built-in red sharpener on the back of the pencil. Simply unscrew, insert your lead, and twist clockwise. Your pencil and refills are included in a sturdy plastic case to help survive harsher conditions at the workplace.
RELIABILITY: Each pencil was built with superior metal components to survive the everyday rigors of outdoor, indoor, shop, construction, glass, carpentry, and machine work.
LEAD REFILLS: 36 colored lead refills in 6 unique colors are included. They are red, yellow, green, blue, white, and graphite. Our refills are uniquely formulated to work on most dry or wet surfaces of wood, steel, stainless, glass and more! With so many color options these are suitable for most surface colors and lighting conditions. Each lead refill is 120 mm in length.
REFILLABLE: To remove and replace a lead refill begin my pressing down the rear red sharpener, then pull the old lead out from the tip of the pencil. While still pressing down on the sharpener, you may insert a new lead through the tip. You may also insert a new lead through the rear of the pencil by first unscrewing the sharpener and then sliding the new lead in.
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