36 Pack of 2.0 mm Assorted Colored Mechanical Pencils

36 Unique Colors Made of Oil Based Leads

MECHANICAL PENCILS: Each of the 36 Colored Pencils are Pre-filled with 1 Sharpened Bold 2.0 mm Lead that is Color Matched to the Pencil. All Pencils Contain a Built in Child Friendly Sharpener Located on the Back of Each Pencil. The Hexagon Barrel is Easy to Grip and Prevents Your Pencil From Rolling Away.
36 UNIQUE COLORS: This Set Includes a Range of Shades in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, White, Brown, Black, Gray, and Tan.
LEAD FEATURES: Each Lead is 90 mm Tall, Oil Based, Smudge & Break Resistant and is Guaranteed to Appear Dark and Vibrant for Every Application.
LEAD QUALITY: These Leads are Formulated with Smooth, Rich, and Soft Cores that Easily Allow for Blending, Shading, & Shadows.
USES: Perfect for Arts & Crafts, Adult & Children’s Coloring Books, Scrapbooks, Journals, Doodling, Decorations, Greeting Cards and Much More.
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