2.0 mm Sharpener 2 Pack, Self-Contained Shavings, Portable

For Graphite or Color Leads

SHARPENERS: This product is shipped with 2 sharpeners that each contain 2 blades. The razor-sharp blades are safely contained within the sharpener.
CONTAINER: The container holds the lead shavings until you are ready to discard them. This makes for easy traveling and other on the go activities. The clear container allows you to visually see when your lead is sharp enough.
SHARPENING: Sharpening is as simple as flipping open the cap from the blade side, inserting the lead into either hole, and gently rotating the lead clockwise. If you are sharpening a lead that is sticking out of your mechanical pencil, you will need to extend your lead at least 0.25 inches or 6.5 mm out of the pencil to fully sharpen to a point.
EMPTYING: To empty the container, grip the 2 short sides of the cap and pull to release the sharpener basket from the clear case. Make sure the blade side is facing up so that you do not dump the shavings on the ground.
COMPATIBILITY: This sharpener quickly sharpens the June Gold 36 Colored Mechanical Pencil Lead Refills, our June Gold 2.0 mm Premium Mechanical Pencils, or our line of 2.0 mm HB, 2B, and 4B graphite lead refills. These sharpeners will sharpen any 2.0 mm lead size.
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