72 Pack of 0.9 mm HB Graphite Mechanical Pencils

220 Graphite Lead Refills and 16 Eraser Refills Also Included

72 Black Graphite Lead 0.9 mm HB #2 Refillable Mechanical Pencils Pre-filled with 3 Leads (Contained in 4 Packs of 18 Pencils)
140 Graphite Lead Refills Within Two Elegantly Designed Lead Dispensers (2 Dispensers of 70 Refills Each)
16 Bonus Refill Erasers – Each is Durable, Smudge Resistant, and Colored
COMFORT & EASE: Each pencil sports a convenient side click button to dispense extra lead and a soft, comfortable non-slip grip allows for all day use
PRECISION & ACCURACY: Break resistant graphite lead, dark & vibrant lines, smooth & clean writing, and of course no sharpening ever again
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