68 Pack of 0.7 mm HB Graphite Mechanical Pencils

220 Graphite Lead Refills and 8 Eraser Refills Also Included

68 Pack of 0.7 mm HB #2 Refillable Mechanical Pencils Pre-filled with 2 Black Graphite Leads
GRAPHITE LEAD: Each graphite lead is break resistant, writes smoothly, and appears dark & vibrant on paper.
ERASER: Each eraser is durable, smudge resistant, and leaves no residue.
REFILL PROCESS: Each pencil can be refilled by removing the rear eraser and dropping additional lead down the tube. You can also hold the rear clicker down and slide the lead through the front.
BARREL: Each pencil sports a hexagon barrel to prevent your pencil from rolling away.
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